Only 6 Months to Live

What would you do if you only had 6 months to live? Would you travel? Learn a new hobby? Spend every penny and second you have to try to prolong your life?

I asked myself that question every now and then to try to determine my life’s purpose. I read somewhere that priorities and purpose become clearer when we imagine if we that we only have a limited time on this planet. I suppose this is true but not in the way that I thought.

I assumed that I would be driven to work harder, be more productive, and have a clearer focus on what to do with my life if I answered the question. The problem is that the answers I came up with were not correct and eventually I became jaded. “What is the point of doing anything if I’m going to die anyways,” I would ask myself. Learning languages, striving for success, even simple self-care felt pointless.

I was feeling lost, depressed and perhaps a bit morbid when I stumbled across a video called: “I Was Told I Had 6 Months to Live”. I will post the link so you can watch for yourself.

The video was about the lessons learned from a woman who was LIVING with end stage cancer. She looked well and well taken care of despite her diagnoses. I did not hear what I expected her to say. I expected to her drone on about bucket lists, living on the edge, and having no regrets. Instead she spoke of the importance of having positive people in her life and enjoying each moment as it comes into existence.

This. is. huge. This warrior does everything in her power to live her life with as much enthusiasm and joy. She doesn’t try to gain material success rather she talks of helping others and bringing joy to the lives of others. She spends her time involved in her passions and FINDS the pleasure in the mundane.

The lesson I learned today from her is to enjoy life. As I see it, there is no huge goal but small interactions every moment of everyday that makes up our lives. You can not always choose your life’s events but you can choose how to respond to them.

While I sit with this information and continue to meditate on the lessons from the video; I will ask you to join me in sending positive energy to this strong woman. Even if a cure is not a possibility at least she can continue to live her last days in joy and knowledge that she is an inspiration.

Here is the link to the video:

And that’s my 2 cents 4 u!

❤ A ❤

6 months to live video

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