Body Beads

Being the awesomely-ADHD-prone-person that I am, I stumbled across a page on the internet that lead to about 5 more pages which brought me to this cool artist named Merry Coor. She makes these amazing bead-pendant necklaces. Beadmaking is an amazing skill all by itself but get this, she personalizes each bead by making it out if loved ones! Yeah, that is a little creepy to some people. I will pause so you can clean up whatever you just spat out or vomited while reading this.

Are you done? Okay. Back to beads. These precious beads include loved ones. How does this work? Allow me to explain: When a person loves someone very much and the loved one passes there is a sense of loss. The living must find a way to cope with this loss and find a better place for their loved ones remains. Many can’t bear to see the deceased 6-feet under. Many find this that too distancing and soul-trapping. Some seek alternative routes for providing residence to the remains of loved ones. Cremating a loved one and keeping them in the house is a way to keep near. However, the urn many not go with the decor. Besides, who still has a mantle to keep the urn on anyways? Enter a newer option: keeping loved ones close to the heart as wearable jewelry.

Merry Coor has done just that: she creates wearable jewelry from the ashes of loved ones. The jewelry is stunning and quite joyous as hopefully the memories it will invoke. To get further explanation of how you can preserve you loved one’s remains in a bead pendant or see how uncreepy the jewelry looks: feel free to visit the artist’s website.

I personally would not mind “being a bead”: however I can’t think of anyone I would want to have me as a bead. If all else fails. I cold just feed a baby tree. Check out link below for further insight.

That’s my 2 cents 4 U

What do you think of the idea? I would love to hear from you.

❤ A ❤

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