Are your eyes bigger than your stomach?

This neat website popped up in my Facebook feed and I thought I would share it. There is a store in the UK doing “research” on how women perceive her own shape. Most women are found to see themselves as bigger than her actual size (myself included). Have a tape measurer handy as it will be needed to measure perception versus reality.

The site says “We focus more on our flaws than our good points…” The site mentions that this habit can effect how we perceive our bodies. This is just sad. I wonder where this habit came from. Did it begin with the telling us that we must look a certain way to be considered acceptable? Did it come from seeing our mother looking at herself and verbalizing her lack of acceptance? Does it come from peers teasing? Is it class/culture related? Do people genuinely see a larger or more flawed person or do they just say so to fish for compliments? I don’t really have an answer or theory to any of these questions. However, I think it is really important for each of us to examine ourselves and our perceptions. From where do our perceptions come? Are they really accurate? How do we know?

As for me, I know my perceptions are quite skewed. I know that I tend to see my flaws more than my good points. I require constant reality checking when it comes to evaluating my reality and self. I know that it has gotten me down many of times. However, I still rise and fight the negative thoughts and perceptions.

How did you do? Do you have problems with perception? How do you handle it?

❤ A ❤

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