Just 2 business days away!

I am sitting at work, avoiding my homework and daydreaming about my new ‘do. This past week, I have been googling and youtubing up a storm. I even polled my Facebook buddies. Simply put: I want a new hairdo.

It seems like some sort of cyclical thing that keeps happening around this time of year. According to social media, I have had extension-fever for the last few years. I have installed twist extensions and even waist-length crochet braids. I miss having a head full of ridiculously red hair. (See red hair related posts) I considered doing it again but ordered slightly less loud red hues. After all, I do have to wear this hair to work and in public (with more conservative family members). I have never ordered this kind/color of hair before so I am excited and nervous to see what I will get. The package of hair bundles should arrive in 2 business days.

Do you ever get the desire to drastically change your hair color or hair length? What do you usually do when this occurs?

❤ A ❤


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