It’s almost been a year…

Hi I am ❤ A ❤ and it has been almost a year since I last published a book. (Waits for obligatory greeting from crowd.)

No, you have stumbled across an Unproductive Writers Anonymous meeting. But I must say a feel a sense of shame and relief from making my confession. I feel ashamed because of the lack of productivity but I feel a sense of relief that I can admit there is a problem and hopefully work to address it. I’ve been working on several projects for a while, hoping that lucky number 7 will be completed. So what’s the problem? I have no idea. Perhaps it’s writer’s block or burnout or even- dare I say- depression (gasp). At any rate what I do know is that I have started at least 3 projects but nothing is catching. Boohoo session concluded.

Now is a good time to relax and read other’s works…for fun. Whoa, what is fun, again? I am not the hardest worker I know but I have been working and taking classes for years. My favorite pastime is napping. But I think I should trade that nap in for some self-investment. I think I should focus on promoting the books I have published. And perhaps updating the covers. (shameless self-promotion alert!) Check out the latests titles and let me know what you think (of the cover art, story, etc).

❤ A ❤

2 thoughts on “It’s almost been a year…

  1. Man, I suck at blogging. Love the post. What’s the reset consist of pills, liquid. My boob pump cup just got filled. Be back …. ok … Now yea so what does it consist of?

    • Hi there. The Ultimate Reset is a body transforming program. Through proper diet and supplements, those who complete the program are able to clear the body of toxins, improve health stats, and even lose weight.
      Here is a great video link that describes the program:

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      If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. 🙂

      ❤ A ❤

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