Yet another reason to stick to it…

I started the Ultimate Reset about 10 days ago. It is going well. I feel less bloated, less constipated, and even less moody. I don’t require sugar or medications to function like I used to just a few weeks ago. (I can not condone kicking medications to the curb without first seeking medical advice.) Life is looking up, I am thinking about becoming more active physically and becoming more supportive to those who are trying to get their health on the right track. But alas, I am only human. In a weak moment I purchased a hot chocolate – Ultimate Reset contraband – and now I have another reason to avoid contraband foods: dumping syndrome. Don’t know what that is? You can look it up. I’ll wait.

Okay, your back? Good. In all fairness it is not a real case of dumping syndrome but simply my bodies way of telling me that I am still lactose intolerant and I still have GERD (think really bad heartburn). I would probably have these symptoms anyways and not realize it because they are usually ever-present. Except, I have not had the symptoms for the last week while following the Reset. AAAAAND, I get to rid my body of toxins, AAAAAND lose some belly bulge! Yay! This is all before committing to an exercise plan. (Which is on my todo list.)

So tell me, are you down with dropping a few pounds? Getting healthier this new year? Hit me up here and/or check out the following sites. I’d love to hear from you.

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The Ultimate Reset Site:
My TBB Coach Site:


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