I want a free T-shirt!

I admit it. I have a bit of a t-shirt fetish. I am channeling my love of T’s to get my bum bum in shape. (Did I just say “bum bum”?) This year I want to get healthier. I want to get a cleaner diet and a less toxic and bloated body. I have decided to do the Ultimate Reset (http://myultimatereset.com/aliciammobley). I am only 9 days in but I feel pretty good. I feel less toxic and even a bit less bloated. To be honest I have not seen magical results yet and I don’t really plan to as I refuse to exercise. However, clean eating has done me some good. The meal plan is doable (that means a lot coming from the Queen of Drivethru). I don’t feel hungry. I sleep well and feel better regulated in ways I will not torture and describe in this post. I recommend a reset partner. My dad is mine. He was recently diagnosed with diabetes due to his weight gain and skyrocketing blood sugars. He claims that he has lost 4-5 pounds in the first week. And he doesn’t feel hungry: Chief Bottomless Belly gets full with this plan and loses weight! I will try to take some pics and get some stats together so that I can share with you… and BeachBody so I can get my free shirt!

What have you been willing to do to get free stuff?
Would you consider a health improving program in the new year?
Interested in the Ultimate Reset? http://myultimatereset.com/aliciammobley
I want to hear from you! šŸ™‚
ā¤ A ā¤


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