Stealing Sucks

Yeah, I said it: stealing sucks. A few weeks ago someone got into my car, went through my stuff, and stole my iPod. My iPod is like my other half of my brain. It had my entire music collection and photos of my nieces wedding: all are lost. However, my iPod popped up in town twice but for very brief periods. Yeah, I low-jacked that thang. I don’t know what to do to get it back. Grr!

In other news, my co-worker had her phone snatched out of her hand while she was waiting for public transportation. *shakes head* That is scary! She said there were 2 people and she was afraid they would attack her if she tried to get her phone back. Like me, she is now responsible for replacing something that someone else stole.

What is wrong with people these days?


“Robbing ain’t right”
❤ A ❤


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