I did it, and I regret it

So there was a wedding in the family this weekend. It was the perfect excuse to test out my Tressemme 7-day keratin smooth products. I washed, conditioned, “serumed”, attempted to blow-dry, blew a fuse, gave up, used the flat iron, threw away a lot of shed/broken hair.

Results: Photo on 5-26-14 at 2.05 AM #3Big hair and I do care. What’s the point of all of this if I don’t get sleek results? I think I know where I went wrong. (I needed to blow-dry hair more)

Now I am trying to decide what to do with it. Fry it again?
What do you think?

❤ A ❤


4 thoughts on “I did it, and I regret it

  1. I personally let my hair air dry if i do flat iron it. I have been no heat since January. Also, i use oil on my hair before i flat iron it and it helps with the sleek look. Maybe the humidity got to your hair?

    • I have had a limited heat regimen. I do use a hair steamer but that is all. But I wanted something different, you know? Sometimes I just want to whip my hair back n forth. Yes, I did just sing that and do the Willow Smith dance.

  2. Next time try steaming your hair with a very moisturizing deep conditioner. The more moisture the hair has prior to using heat usually will yield better results from heat. You can blow dry your hair or let it air dry until it’s at least 80% dry then flat iron. The key is to take small sections at a time using the comb chase method and also use very little product, as in a dime size. You could also try a different serum too, that serum may not agree with you hair idk. Here’s a video on how to get sleek results on natural hair http://youtu.be/ffjZQQIGelg


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