Fell of the band wagon…

“Ouch,” I say as I bounce on skinned thigh and knees; rolling before rising to my feet. I dust myself off and take a look at my actions. I had a doctors appointment and did not like what I saw on the scale. Did it motivate me to work harder on my diet and exercise plan? No, it did the exact opposite actually. I hit the junk food really hard. (There will be a review for these really awesome cookies to follow. Mmmm…cooooookies *drools*) I did not work out. After all, I’ve been super busy with appointments and I am in the process of getting a root canal. Do you have any idea how working out can upset a cranky tooth? Excuse after excuse has come up. And I have let them deter me for the past few days.

Starting Monday, I will get back on the bandwagon. I will need a day (this Sunday) to access the situation and regroup. Neither physical, emotional, nor mental pain will keep me down. I will rise to meet and beat this challenge. 

What challenge do face? What is your game plan?



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