Random Facebook Post

I found an old Facebook post that I posted to God (the comedian’s) page. I figured I would share it. Feel free to comment. ❤ A ❤

Christians are followers of Christ and his teachings. Christ teaches that we are to love God and treat others as we would like to be treated (Mat 22:37-40). Other laws seemed to be null for they do not increase righteousness (Mat 9:17); ie we no longer have “unclean foods” and it is no longer okay “to take an eye for an eye”(Mat 5:39) and judging people is a big no-no (Mat 7:1).
So from my understanding, it is not okay for Christians to spew hatred – anger is not allowed according to Mat 5:22 – towards the GLBT community or any other “alternative”/ “minority” groups as long as these people love God and treat others as they would like to be treated. And even if they did not follow these simple commandments, aren’t Christians supposed to “love thy enemy” (Mat 5:44)? Aren’t we supposed to live our lives by Christ’s example so that we can be a beacon to show others what is right(eous)?
I read the angry, hateful messages on the page that are posted in the name of Christianity and it hurts my heart. I think we as group have lost sight of what Christianity is all about.



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