I regret to inform you…

…of the loss of my red hair. Sadly it was ripped away so suddenly this morning due to dirty scalp complications.

Seriously, I had a really irritated scalp that needed a good washing so those awesome red extensions had to go! I miss them already. I’ve gotten used to the length and the thickness (and color, of course) that the extensions provided but all good things must come to an end.

Too bad no one told that to the extensions, as they did not want to part from my head. The takedown experience was a bit tedious. I believe it had to do with the installation process and the fact that my hair is knot-prone.

For example, aside from all the tangles and knots, the bottom inch of my ends were fused together. They were like “let’s get married!” I’m like “oh, no hair ends! Don’t tangle so!” And my ends were like “we didn’t ask you for your approval”. Yes, my hair is that moody.

On the bright side, picking such bright colors makes it easier to cut out extensions (without cutting my own hair).

Crochet braids were an interesting experience. I had some great times but I probably wouldn’t do that again anytime soon. I want something that is less labor intensive in the installation and take-down processes, and less tangle inducing, and not sewed in. As much as people enjoyed my awesomely red locs, I wished – at times – that I could remove the extensions temporarily (e.g. when I got really hot, when I went to work, other times when red hair is not the most appropriate/professional color to wear).

Do any of you have opinions on crochet braids, incorporating fun colors, and/or hairstyles that you would only try once (in a while)?

❤ A ❤


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