This is intense!

In my typical fashion, I have decided to start a project. To get a glimpse of the inner workings of my mind, I will reenact my thought process and actions. Ready?

Random thought(s): I am bored with my hair. I want to straighten it so bad but I know that heat causes permanent damage and my hair will not stay straight for long. But what if I use proper technique, low heat, gentle detangling, a protein conditioner, and a thermal protectant? Nope, still won’t work. Sigh! But I really want straight hair…red, straight hair. Like really, really red. Maybe not so straight. I could braid in red hair. How will I get a new job with red hair? Like I’ve got any prospects. Humpf!

Action(s): sings “it’s my hair, I will do what I want”. Looks up places to purchase red hair. Finds hair on Amazon. Looks up: crochet braiding techniques, highlighting techniques, cornrow placement techniques, new Facebook statuses, crochet hooks, latch hooks, crochet stitch markers, cabochons, etc. All. at. the. same. time.

Yeah, ADHD is pretty freaking intense. But it pays off (probably) because now I have an idea of how to braid and crochet my hair with highlights. Yay! Now I just have to do it. Boo! Follow through is not my strong suit. Neither is waiting for these online items (hair and hook) to arrive on my doorstep. UGH!

IF I ever get around to finishing this project, I will have to post pics. Even if my first crochet-braid-job looks rachet. I promise.

❤ A ❤


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