Somebody Stop ME!

Bonus points if you thought of The Mask with Jim Carrey when you read the title to this post.

Anywho, I am just letting you know that I think I need an intervention. I work nights AND I have a bad habit of online shopping to pass time (regardless of the time of day). Seriously, that is not a good combination because I shop while working nights when my sense of judgement is sleeping.

It can’t be that bad, right? Well…in the last 30 days I have placed 9 orders. That’s not bad, you say? Did I mention that most of these orders had more than item? Say, about 30 all together…oh, and some of those items were sold as “bulk items”; one item contains a 30-to-100-count of something, for example. Do you see the problem? Do you see it!

Just don’t try to make me go to rehab. I’ll say “no, no, no”! (RIP Amy Winehouse [sp?])

On a lighter note, I’ve got some really cool craft supplies and hurr! Yes, I bought hair because I want to try to install crochet braids. Expect several hair posts on this topic.

Do you late night/daylight shop? What do you buy?

❤ A ❤


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