Gurl, we gotta talk.

I was busy minding other people’s business when I came across a post by Urban Sophisticate.
She mentioned the very topic I’ve been battling with for the past few weeks: hair straightening. I love straight hair, I always have and I always will. That being said, I have gone natural for the last time and will stay natural for life. Yup, I said it, fo’ life!

Anyways, this natural beauty brought up some topics that I thought were interesting. For example, Urban Sophisticate mentioned that certain outfits call for straight hair. I immediately disagreed, then realized she may be on to something. There are certain outfits that call for an updo, big hair, or “tamed locs”. Why wouldn’t a style call for straight locs? However, I want to remind my bellas that you don’t have to be a slave to your outfit. The outfit may also call for ankle breaking stilettos but if you have poor balance, I hope you would pass on that stiletto shoe. Bottom line: choose the styles you want because you want them, not because you feel obligated to obtain a certain look. You know you are going to look fierce and fly anyway.

Next, there was a mention of pros and cons of straightening hair. Thank you, Urban Sophisticate, for listing these because I have been too lazy to do this for myself. I don’t agree with all them but that is not my list so I’ll leave that alone.

Finally there are the “straight hair issues”. That is what I really want to talk about.

Issue 1: Itchy scalp: I would wonder if your scalp is reacting to high heat being so close to it. Have you tried blasting your scalp with cold air from the hair dryer (or fan – hey, desperate times call for desperate measures)? If your scalp isn’t irritated by heat or pre-straightening products, it may be dry. This is a harder problem to fix as we all know that straightened hair and water don’t mix very well. You’ll have to nourish your scalp from the inside-out. That means drinking plenty of fluids. Also a good scalp massage to distribute the sebum (natural scalp oils) may do you some good. That reminds me, *most* oils are not moisturizing; they merely coat the scalp and seal in the moisture that is already there. Please make sure you are not allergic to the oils that you use. Oils may change their physical properties when heated so that may give you trouble.

Issue 2: Moisture loss: Where to begin? Okay, hair is made of protein byproduct and water. Generally speaking, if you are lacking one, there will be an issue with the other. Since you are straightening your hair, you are altering the proteins’ make-up and losing moisture. Neither are great situations. Moisture keeps hair supple while proteins give hair structure and work to lock in the moisture. You may want to do a protein/moisture test to access your hair’s needs. In the meantime, turn down the iron and use the one-pass-rule. This should cut down on damage. Oh, and find a good hair sealant.

Issue 3: Frizz. Ugh, don’t you just hate it? For some of us it is unavoidable. Frizzy is as frizzy does. (<– I have no idea what that means, lol) There are some factors that contribute to frizz: too much/too high heat levels, damaged/frayed, protein/water imbalance, lack of proper hair sealant.

Bonus advice: Try turning your cool, new hair straightener in hair steamer. Steaming hair softens and moisturizes hair with gentle heat. “Remember to seal in this moisturizing goodness!” This pre-straightening technique should make it easier to straighten hair and keep it moisturized while it is straight.

Oh, have you tried heatless stretching methods? I am in love with curlformers because they give that sleek texture to curls with no heat necessary. Then I can smooth out the curls and rock a straightened do. 🙂

Phew! That was a lot. I hope that it makes sense and you (somebody…anybody) find(s) this helpful. Feel free to ask questions and comment below.

That’s my 2 cents 4 u!
❤ A ❤

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One thought on “Gurl, we gotta talk.

  1. 1. Yes, heating irons and such kill the prioetn in your hair. This mix will put the prioetn back into your hair.2. I usually leave it in for 2-4? hours.3. I do this every other week.4. The general mix is pretty cold, so just blow dry it until it doesn’t feel so cold on your head. It generally doesn’t cook as long as you have a layer of plastic and a bandanna over, I hope this helps ya

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