How I grew me some hurr

Hey all,
I got a few likes on my last hair post so I figured I would follow up with another post. As I mentioned before, I am not a long haired guru: I just grew my longer than it has ever been in my life. I hope I can share some tips that helped me overcome my life-long, short hair plateau to assist others who may be going through a similar journey.

(Sings to the tune of Mariah Carey’s “Love Takes Time” chorus)
Haaair…taakes tiiiime
to grow when you want it so much!
It grows about 6
inches per year
or even leeeesss!
Cannot stand to wait it out
Cuz i want it looong.
I don’t want to be bald
i don’t want to be bald, any moooore…

Okay, I will keep my regular job. But seriously back to the hair tips.
1) You need active hair follicles. You can’t grow your hair long if the hair won’t grow. If you have certain health conditions, this may be a real hurdle.
2) You need time and patience. These go hand in hand so they are listed together. Like I sung earlier, it takes about about a year to grow 6 inches of hair.
3) You need to learn your hair needs. This is critical for those who do not see results using the first and second tip alone. What does hair your need? I dunno, it’s your hair! 😉 J/K Seriously though, your hair needs are unique to you but there are a few general suggestions that I can give.
A) Hair is composed mostly of water and proteins: It is best to feed your body a great diet full of water, vitamins, and proteins. Once your body has processed what it needs for vital functioning, the rest will go to your hair and nails. Feel free to add moisture and protein filled products directly to hair to help maintain a healthy balance.
B) Learn to handle hair as needed. It sounds weird, but not everyone can style their hair the same way. It’s not a length or an aesthetic thing, it more of a hair survival kind of thing.

Lemme explain using my hair as an example: I have a large amount of thin kinky, curly hair strands. As a result, my thin hair strands cannot tolerate the stripping process associated with chemical straighteners. Processed or not, my hair loves to knot like it’s its job so I have learned to handle hair in a way that minimizes tangles. I have also given up the comb and the brush because I got tired of combing out chunks of hair for the remaining hair to be tangled as soon as I moved to the next section of hair. Speaking of sections, since I have so many strands, it is best to manage in sections. I have learned (the hard way) that my hair does not like to be fussed with too much. That means hands off! That can mean “protective styling” or “low manipulation styling”. I have found that my thin, tangle-prone hair LOVES braids and twists…because it wants to loc -_- Since I don’t want it to loc, I have to take extra care in the installment and takedown process as well as limit the length of the protective style. After a careful and frustrating takedown session, I found that my hair is softer and more moisturized than usual. Then I realized that I can get similar results with a wash-n-go by conditioning and coating the strands with a sealant. No evil takedown necessary. I have learned to reset my WnG’s with hair steamer. I love my hair steamer. With all the added moisture I put into my strands, I make sure to pre-poo with coconut oil to minimize hydral fatigue. I also make friends with protein based products. All of this “work” is done with tender loving care because my moody strands will snap at even a hint of aggression. Yes, it takes time and patience but it is worth it.

So that’s about it. If you want to learn more about the specifics (products, methods, etc) just ask! 🙂

❤ A ❤

11 thoughts on “How I grew me some hurr

    • I do follow most of the cg method. However, I don’t use towels on my hair and I use a hair steamer and I occasionally alter the texture through braids and such.

      Do you like that method?

    • Oh, boy! I’ve been natural off and on for years. I went natural for the last time about 4 years ago.

      How about you? And anyone else out there? How long have you been natural?

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