Well, it’s about time

I decided to take the braids out and wash my hair. I had to, y’all, my scalp was not happy. I took the first braid out and decided to gently pull the loose hair to see the less shrunken length. IMG_1551_2What a surprise! Now, I am not going to sit here and act like I am the end all be all because my hair has a little length but I am quite happy and I wanted to share with you all.

To understand my happiness you have to understand my hair journey. You see, I am black female who lived among mostly non-black people who easily attained long hair length. My (black, biological) sisters even had decent hair length as a children, yet I did not. My hair failed to thrive to the point where it was rumored to have been cursed (long story for another day).

I tried all the lotions and potions to make hair grow longer but it never got past my collar bone with even the best efforts. This was just frustrating. My quest for longer hair turned into an obsession. I scoured web and hair books for tidbits of information. I spent a fortune on more products. I even went natural, y’all. But it wasn’t enough.

I finally found some great information sources and products that helped me to develop my own regimen. The curse is broken and I am on my way to growing longer, healthier hair.

Perhaps I will make a post of video of my personal to-do’s. Sound good?

❤ A ❤


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