Behaving by Race

Whoa! So I just skimmed through an “article” listing the things that white women do that black women can’t. I am not sure how I feel about this. Part of me is like “this is bull”! Yet there are some topics that warrant discussion.

First, the bull: The idea that your racial identity can determine what you can do seems ludicrous. After all we are all humans and one’s actions should not be judged on the “amount of melanin in your skin” scale.

But let’s be honest here, “whiteness” and “blackness” is not determined solely by melanin and phenotypical features. There is a history, a present, and future that comes with our race cards that creates our race culture. There are standards and rules of who we are and who we should be that are instilled in us along with everything else that makes us who we are. I guess the author of the article I read was using (silly) examples to hit at that point.

As a black female raised in predominately white neighborhoods I have observed a race culture outside of my racial identify. For the most part it is not a huge deal because people are people. There are “ethnic white people” whose lifestyles could “pass for black”. There are black people who live life like “the majority”. This is not that rare. I think that is why the article irked me. Simply put people are people and they will act according to their upbringing not their race.

With that said, I must admit that upbringing is strongly linked to the habits formed from our history that we often inherited from our racial profiles. No one is raised in a cultural/historical background. For example, even though I spent my elementary school years staring at faces much paler than mine, I was aware that I was different due to my home life. I knew that I could not get away with the same things as my friends: being messy, bringing home less than stellar grades, and talking back to adults. Why? It was explained to me that because I was black and female that had 2 strikes against me and I would have to work extra hard to prove myself in society and reach the same level of success as white male. Don’t get me wrong, there are “strict” white households that have the same rules and there are “relaxed” black households that don’t have these rules. That is normal and okay. But the fact that I have to use “strict” and “relaxed” qualifiers to explain the same behaviors of different race groups shows that there may be a double standard after all.

Is there really a double standard? I think so. Should there be a double standard? No. Bad behavior is bad behavior. Period.

That’s my 2 cents 4 u.
❤ A ❤

What do you think?

Here’s the link to the article that incited this ramble:


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