RIP to the 600 pound mom

I am so sad. My sister, who is obsessed with TLC, and I stumbled across the documentary about an overweight mother. This was a few years ago but I still remember enjoying the mother’s infectious personality and being frustrated by her struggle to lose weight. Fast forward a few years and I am watching an update on her and her weight loss journey. amazingly she lost weight. However, she gained it all back. When diet and exercise failed, she underwent surgery. Unfortunately she died a few weeks after the surgery.

My heart goes out to her and her family. Although this story is “old” I am sure her surviving relatives still feel the pain of her loss.

As someone who has had a lifelong battle with weight, I feel pain, anger, and fear. I am angry because, yes, she actively ate her self to death but there were so many psycho-social and economical factors that contributed to the decades of weight gain. It is sad but, I can’t help but think that many would meet the same fate if they were in her shoes. That could even be me! That scares me the most.

❤ A ❤


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