Finally on Kindle!

The last three novels are now on Kindle. Follow the link for the opportunity to purchase.

Lucky Lotto Man –

Life is good for the Morrison family but imagine how much better it would be if they won the lottery. Life for the Morrisons changes drastically when they finally strike it rich with a winning ticket. Suddenly life is great. Will the luck last?


The Keys Series: Solana’s Journey

Solana is a typical girl who got involved in the wrong crowd. Now she is sentenced to the Keys to get her life in order. The Keys is an atypical detention center that seems to house magical secrets and dark pasts. Though a mortal among mutants, Solana has her own magical secrets and dark past that have followed her to the Keys and threaten her very future.


Roomies After College

Only college can bring for 4 totally different personalities together in one apartment. Mary, Dee, Jenna, and Princess have learned to live together while in college and even after most of them have graduated. Their lives as roomies are about to be disrupted. Can the roomies handle it?


Thanks for your interest! I ❤ u all!

❤ A ❤


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