Budgeting sucks!

Am I allowed to say “budgeting sucks”? I mean, it’s probably a good thing and serves some kind of purpose but I am not built for this budgeting stuff. Give me visa with limits and I can accomplish the task set before me. Once you start talking practical mess – like budgeting – I get all messed up. 

What am I raving about? I am planning to take part in an event where I will be selling my products (see store link above). Instantly my imagination runs wild with creative ideas for the event. Then I get dragged back into reality with this budget junk. I am stuck solving a problem that only a budget can help solve.

What’s the problem? I got these products to sell with no guarantee of buyers! Oh, yeah, AND I’m broke. I’ll spare you the sob story but 2013 was a very, very expensive year and the year before was a very low paying one: combine the years and you get the mountain of debt I have right now.

I need to invest in my product to sell but I can’t afford to go overboard. So what’s a girl to do? Make a budget. I will only spend X amount on this event and hope that my merchandise will be seen and attract buyers on that day and the future. But in case it doesn’t work out then I will be out X amount of money versus 10X-infinity.

Next, I plan to take over the world.

❤ A ❤


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