I Stopped Bringing in Treats

I am not the sickest person in the world by any means but I require a medical team to keep me in fighting condition. It’s the holiday season now and this has always been the perfect time to show my appreciation for those medical professionals who have worked all year to take care of me. In the past, I have brought in little sweet treats for medical offices that I frequented. As time has passed, the players of my medical team have been traded out for one reason or another. I have noticed a shifting attitude towards my gifts: they are no longer welcomed. I can fully appreciate the hesitation to take food from a new patient. After all, you don’t know this person or what they have done to food they provide you. But what I sense from them is not skepticism: it’s horror.

Allow me to explain. I will try not to pull any “race cards”, “class cards”, or “gender cards”. I will simply say, that the new group of medical workers that I encounter seem to have all subscribed to the societal message that “they must look a certain way to be healthy and good-looking”. As a result, they have- in my opinion- developed an unhealthy hatred towards food and fear of a fuller body. I hear it in their everyday chatter. I see in their guilty looks as try a morsel. They even tell me “this is so good but don’t ever do that [bring edible temptation] again”. Okay. Even though I do not belong to the group(s) that subscribe to such societal beliefs, I will respect their wishes. 

❤ A ❤


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