Not So Sure about This…

You can say that I am hair obsessed. After all, I have built entire- yes, ENTIRE- relationships with others over hair discussions. I have read many hair articles and blogs. I’ve even bought the books.

I have thrown my 2 cents in a few online discussions and live conversations with others. Come on, would you expect anything less from me?

Yet I have come to a moment where I advice. You see, much like everything about me (e.g. shoe size, body shape, personality/personalities ;o]) my hair and its needs do not fit in the nice, neat reestablished categories. So now that I have hit tough times with my tresses, I am not so sure about the game plan to get them back on track.

First a lil ’bout tha hurr: (Yeah, I don’t know which personality that came from, hehe!)
-hair strands are thin
-hair density is usually normal-thick but I have lost quite a bit lately
-my hair loves to knot like it is its job. No seriously 😥
-Hair seems to dry out less when in twists/braids
Seems like a no brainer, right? Team Protective Styles, right?
Here’s why:
-taking down twists/braids without having the upmost patience leads to immediate and extensive hair loss. (Especially if I only use my own natural hair) Team Bald’n’Devastated
-my scalp needs to “breath”. Yes it is every bit a freaky as it sounds. The scalp under my braids (think cornrows and large twists/braids) itches and turns into a flaky, smelly mess. TMI? Of course! Yes, you are welcome.
– All my old-school ladies: cover your ears. I can hardly go a week without washing. Sometimes I do, but it is best that I wash my hair (read scalp) multiple times a week. And here’s a bonus: I don’t believe in greasing my scalp. Okay, I’m done. You can open your ears again. Oh wait, covering your ears is pointless; you can still hear your reading voice. Sorry!

Back to the point:
Out of sheer desperation, due to a significant amount of thinning and knots, I am looking to install some braided extensions. I am hoping that they will meet my hair’s needs without pissing off my scalp. According to the rumors, I can wash braids more often than twists without matting.
Yet, I am not so sure about this…

What are your 2 cents?

❤ A ❤