Writing App

What do I do when I am in a rut? I buy stuff! Whether it’s a pick-me-up product or productivity-increaser, I look to “products” to fix my problems. (Yes, I know that is dysfunctional. Stay tuned for further discussions)

What’s my latest problem, you ask? Just pretend you asked, okay? 

I want to get back into novel writing – or at least my version of it – and I wanted this cool app for writers that I saw advertised online. When I first saw this lil writer’s jewel, I told myself that I was going to wait until I made a “full recovery”. I guess I must have fully recovered in a weeks time because I just bought that bad boy today!

Realistically speaking, I am not functioning at 100% because I can’t seem to focus on the tutorial for the program. This is quite unfortunate. While I enjoy playing and poking around and pushing buttons: part of me thinks this may not have been the best buy. Perhaps the “old school” methods of drafting and composing prose may trump this pricey app. 

On the other hand, I have negative (as in less than none) organization skills and this app seems like a great tool once I get past the learning curve. I really like the idea of being able to plop all my ideas, data, images, prose, etc in one master file called a “binder”. No program is going to replace hard work but maybe this will help with the problems that spring forth due to my disorganization.

I am not willing to give a final verdict until I have had sufficient time to work with it.

Do any of you believe in using writing programs to create works? Feel free to comment below.

❤ A ❤


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