I would say excuse me for sneezing on your screen but I don’t care because I am ill. You see, I have caught a case of affluenza. Clearly my bloated sense of self-worth due to my net-worth renders me incapable of empathy/sympathy. 

What is affluenza?

Affluenza is a pseudo-disease in which affluent children are severely mistreated. Mistreatment often includes: instilling materialistic mindset in the affluent child, giving the affluent child whatever s/he demands, denying the child the negative experiences that result from the child’s actions. As a result, affluenza-infected youths become unusually demanding, irresponsible, overly self-involved.

Affluenza is a serious condition that can be fatal. Those infected with Affluenza are more likely to engage in dangerous, hedonistic behaviors without caring about the consequences of their actions. For example: a lying, stealing, rich brat is responsible killing four people and seriously harming 2 others while drunk driving. The defense argued the severity of his “condition” renders him unable to understand the consequences of actions as he has never had to deal with such things (i.e. responsibility) before is his pathetic life. He was given 10 years of probation.

How should Affluenza be treated? In my opinion, the infected should be institutionalized until they make a full recovery. Wether they are put in jail or a psychiatric facility (no, not a plush one, think “jail for the insane”) should depend on their actions. Once they are locked up they should be introduced to the basic concepts of obedience, consequences, and a lesson in selflessness wouldn’t hurt.

That’s my 2 cent 4 u!

❤ A ❤ 




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