So…Can I Stay?

Oh. My. God. 

So I am looking at the news and they are talking about the dangers of leaving the house and traveling the wet, icy roads. The weather isn’t really all the bad: nothing epic or record-breaking. Yet I am immediately filled with fear as I am brought back to the car accident I was in less than 3 months ago. I won’t go into detail as there may/may not be some unsettled legal matters concerned with it. I will say the roads were wet that day and loss of traction was most likely a factor. Cars were totaled and towed from the scene. One person went straight to the hospital from the scene with arm pain. I made it to the hospital eventually. My tests revealed no broken bones. Bruised for WEEKS. Muscles keep locking up due to trauma and spinal misalignment.

Flash forward to the present. I am frantically looking up tips on how to drive in “inclement weather” and coping with a skid. I can not seem to wrap my mind around a front-wheel skid vs a rear-wheel skid. All I know is that I can not cope with anymore “traffic tragedies”.

 ❤ A ❤


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