As the school year starts and Facebook is a buzz about the new school year. I can’t help but think: Oh, I miss those days of tests, papers, homework, boring 3 hour lectures…just kidding I don’t miss that isht.

What I really miss is the social agar in which I need to grow my social life. (Eww, did I just make a petri dish reference?) I miss hanging out with different people from different backgrounds and exchanging ideas.

As an “adult”, it is so much harder to recreate that atmosphere outside of college compound. The closest things I have to that is the awesome people I work with and Facebook friends that I never really get to see. I miss my school buddies, it is so sad that people can be so cool with each other then hardly talk once they are no longer in the same environment. To all of you out there, I want to say “I miss you”.

❤ A ❤


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