I have a bone to pick with U(SPS)!

So I ordered a package from Amazon and was forced to pay $9 for 2-day shipping. When I checked on my package’s progress, it had made it to my state, (yay!) and was scheduled to arrive the on Saturday. Saturday’s mail arrived and my package had not. I thought maybe there would be a separate delivery for packages. There wasn’t. I checked on that status of my package and it was in another state! USPS sent my package from my state to another sorting facility in another state. Grr! So now I am checking the status of my package on Amazon and USPS websites and I am getting conflicting messages: my package will arrive on the 7th… or maybe the 12…either way, it is still sitting at the package facility in the wrong state. Mind you, it should have arrived on the the 3rd.

USPS, you’ve got to do a better job than this. If you say you will deliver in 2 days, then you should stick to your promise. I made plans around my delivery and they are halted until you get your act together and give my overdue package. This is not how you should conduct business. Most of us can’t get away with poor job execution like this without facing backlash. U(SPS) should be held accountable for mishandling my package and not delivering the service for which I paid.

❤ A ❤


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