Uh-oh and Oh, no!

In late January of this year, I made the switch from Windows PC to Mac. Expenses aside, everything has been great. But now I am having trouble. As I surf the web with my 9 tabs open (I am a girl with ADD, I NEED to multitask), I realize that my super fast computer is getting slow. I even get the “spinning beach ball”, gasp! I think my lil Macky-Mac is due for servicing. However, I am pretty certain the warranty is up. I can’t open Apple’s webpage to find out.

Worse case scenario: I’ve caught some icky virus and need to wipe out the entire laptop. The problem with that scenario is that I don’t have an image of the hard drive so I would lose everything. That’s what I get for violating my computer guru’s rules: (1) keep virus protection up to date; (2)back up hard drive regularly; (3) don’t download crap from the internet. So where did I go wrong? Well, I didn’t even get virus protection for this machine. I already mentioned that I did not back up the hard drive. And I’ve been downloading PDF’s like crazy. As a student and life-long learner I am always looking for free information to support my education. This time, I may have stumbled into one too many shady sites and caught something nasty.

I am trying to remember the 5 stages of grief (since I can’t look it up right now). I think I have gotten over the shock and disbelief that something is wrong. I am a bit angry, since this is just one more issue to deal with (ain’t nobody got time for that!). I think now I am beginning to bargain. I keep thinking that if I go to the store and get a virus protection program and a backup drive, then everything will be fine. But if not, then it  is what it is. I will just have  to get the issue fixed and bear the consequences of procrastinating. I’ve been looking to back up my laptop but haven’t gotten around to finding the right machinery at the right price. “I’ll deal with it later,” I kept saying. I guess “later” = “right about now”.

❤ A ❤



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