I Want to See!

I have been loosely following a story for a while. Petra Lee Foon, of my father’s native land Trinidad, gave birth to the Caribbean’s first set of sextuplets. Sources cite that she was given medication to help her conceive after being treated for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and delivered via cesarean March 4, 2013.

Petra Lee Foon and Kieron Cummings welcomed their 6 infants: son Kaelon Nasir, daughter Kaylee Robyn, son Paeton Christopher, daughter Persia Meleigh, son Shaelon Peter, and daughter Syrai Kayla.

Sadly, First born Kaelon passed away a few weeks after birth due to a gastrointestinal bleed; Paeton Christopher joined his eldest brother after succumbing to an infection a few week later; Persia Meleigh is still in the NICU. The other 3 babies are in their new government-furnished home with their parents. Hopefully little Persia will be able to join them soon.

I am happy for the Lee Foon Cummings family. I hope they stay grounded and don’t turn into the Caribbean version of the Octomom. However, I still hope the media continues to cover their story because I want to stay updated on the progress. I hope they release some pictures.

❤  A ❤



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