Unsung pain

I saw a few episodes of “Unsung”. The show is about musicians that were great in their day but did not reach the great fame status they deserved. I could not keep watching them because they were just heartbreaking. It was painful to watch the demise of these stars. They all seemed to use drugs to battle mental illness. In the end, these demons won.

It just hurt to hear their stories because they seemed to suffer alone. The public did not understand mental illness and the stars themselves could not accept their own diagnosis. While their suffering could have been avoided with understanding and acceptance; it seems as though they would be able to evade the grip of mental illness.

You see, it seems as though this suffering made them who they were. The lows of depression added depth to their voices and the highs of mania gave them energy to perform on stage night after night. Moreover these demons were an inseparable part of these artists.

It was as if they were destined to burn bright but for only a short period of time.


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