Whoa, I want a Med Vault! Or do I?

Students at Brigham Young University have come up possible solution to drug overdose and medication confusion: a electronic pill bottle. This pill holder doubles as a pill dispenser. It is programmed by the pharmacist per doctor’s order. It is built to be tamper-proof. This dispenser is not meant for emergency medications or medication for life-threatening conditions. Image

It seems like it would be helpful to an electronic medication dispenser to help people keep a proper medication regimen. However, my inner philosopher cringes a bit. Is it ethical to give a programmed pill dispenser the authority of when a person can take his/her medications? Is it okay to give a pharmacist access to information on when medications are accessed by the patient?

I won’t get into conspiracy theories of how we are constantly being monitored and how it infringes on our privacy. I will say that this is a well intended idea that can help so many people, as long as everything is carried out properly and ethically. 

And that’s my 2 cents 4 u!

❤ A ❤


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