“Thou shalt not…

“Thou shalt not mess with women’s reproductive rights” – Fallopians 4:28

This quote came from a sign in Ireland protesting the government’s measures on women’s reproductive rights.

Women should have full control over their reproduction.

Tragedies like the death of Savita Halappanavar could be avoided if women in Ireland had full control of reproductive rights. Savita Halappanavar was a 31 year old dentist in Ireland who was 17 weeks pregnant. She sought medical care for a back pain when they realized that the she had a blood infection. A doctor speculates that if Savita Halappanavar had an abortion she would be alive today. Well that didn’t happen due to the laws in Ireland. What did happen, was a miscarriage and the mother’s death in the span of a few days.

Something has got to change. When did the life of unborn child outweigh the life of the mother? The stubborn desire to save the fetus cost the life of mother and child. If an abortion was performed and the mother were saved she could have had more children with her husband. Now he must endure their 5th wedding anniversary alone. How is this justified?

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