Making the cut?

I have heard many an argument for “keeping a boy whole” or uncircumcised: it is painful, decreases sexual pleasure, and has little medical justification. Well, the last reason is not completely true. Studies have shown that uncircumcised males are more likely to harbor “bad bacteria”. In addition, HIV is more likely to be transmitted by men with a foreskin than those without a foreskin. 

“Why? A high burden of bacteria could disrupt the ability of specialized immune cells known as Langerhans cells to activate immune defenses.

Normally, Langerhans are responsible for grabbing invading microbes like bacteria or viruses and presenting them to immune cells for training, to prime the body to recognize and react against the pathogens. But when the bacterial load increases, as it does in the uncircumcised penile environment, inflammatory reactions increase and these cells actually start to infect healthy cells with the offending microbe rather than merely present them.” -Alice Park of

Uncircumcised males are more likely to get penile cancer as it only occurs in the foreskin, according to a parenting article.

Having the extra skin seems like a pesky risk. But I wonder if some of these issues come down to hygiene. If uncircumcised males performed extra cleaning tasks, would the statistics look different? 

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