Traffic at Night, Ugh!

I now understand how traffic jams and car accidents occur. People are stupid. If there are 4 lanes on the highway to choose from, please tell me why idiots choose the left most lane to 60 mph? I mean, the road is wide open! Go 60 some place else.

“Well I am going the speed limit,” they may whine. I don’t care! Do the speed limit in a regular lane, not the passing lane! Drivers like that can encourage faster drivers to get stupid. Now that the passing lane is taken by some sightseers-going-60; traffic in that lane is backing up and other drivers are forced to pass on the right. Some may have to do a little weaving to get ahead. You can see how that can be dangerous. Slow drivers should move over and rest of us should stay in our lanes. That is all. 


That is my 2 cents 4 u!


❤ A ❤


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