He said what?

I was surfing the web and I came across site with a woman with problem. She is a black woman whose husband keeps calling her “nigger bitch” in the throes of passion. Her husband is white. Let’s just stop here for a moment. NOBODY, I don’t care what race the person is from should be calling ANY black female a “nigger bitch” if he supposedly loves her. 


Now that we’ve established that then we can discuss the double insult of the race and class dynamic. As a man, who is white, and comes from old money: there is a great deal of societal privileges to unpack. As a first generation, black female: the wife has a few “strikes” against her.


This man has power issues. Regardless of the race dynamics, the husband is abusive.  He wined and dined her to attract her then started to show is true self after he “purchased her freedom” soon after the marriage nuptials. 


However, the wife is not completely “guilt free” in this situation. As with any person in an abusive relationship, she has the decision to walk away. It is not easy to walk away from an otherwise attractive, charming, person. But imagine if this person has the privileges of the self-proclaimed “nigger-lover”. 


My opinion: Girl, don’t walk – run away – he is an abuser. I don’t care if he treats you well, otherwise. I don’t even care if you still choose to continue to discriminate against black men and choose to date non-black men. Hey, we all have aversions after a few negative experiences. More importantly, we love who we love. Heck, date another white man, with money! Just don’t allow yourself to be abused, please!


That’s my 2 cents 4 u!


❤ A ❤


To read about the insanity for yourself, check out the link



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