So it’s (almost) Swimsuit Season

Yeah, about that. I hate the idea of being caught alive in swimsuit but I do love the idea of shopping. So I am online doing a preliminary search for suits and you know what? Even that starts suck quickly. Let’s just say, I have special shopping needs. I DD’s up top, apple bottom down below, and pudge in the middle, but I am feeling fearless (for now). Bring on the 2 pieces!

So what’s the problem? Well, very few sites offer support and coverage for my top third. I mean, I am not modest, but I don’t want to fall out as I move about. Tops are that fit my criteria are about $50! Hello, that is insane! Bottoms that fit (both cheeks) are nearly impossible to find. When I try the plus sized websites they only offer 1 piece suits. Is there some law, where if you are not a skinny Minnie, you are bikini banished?

Do you have swimsuit shopping issues? You can share’em here!


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