Morning Kitchen Creation Session

So I was in the kitchen this morning and I managed not to short out any circuits. Yay, me!

Today’s kitchen creation was a smoothie. Here’s what I did:

Measured 2 cups of frozen mixed berries;

poured milk in the measuring cup to the 12 oz mark;

added vanilla yogurt to the 16 oz mark;

poured concoctions into blender and blended until smooth.

Here’s what I would do differently:

Use fortified orange juice instead of milk;

do not mix ingredients until they are in the blender (pouring the milk over the berries in the measuring cup made the berried stick into a berry brick);

place berries in blender first so they will blend smoothly and with ease;

get a berry mix sans raspberries (I am still chewing on the seeds).

Anybody have a smoothie recipe that they want to share? Post it, my friends, in the comments section.

❤ A ❤


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