I Wanna Bunnay!

I Wanna Bunnay!

I want a bunny. Actually I just want to play with the bunny. I want to hold him and cuddle him and love him forever and ever! Sorry for the Elmira moment. Ten points for knowing where that’s from.

My sister had a rabbit. She said rabbits were ideal pets because they don’t make a lot of noise and they can be litter trained. She worked hard to keep him happy and healthy, but ultimately had to give him away when she moved.

So, in honor of Maynard the bunny, here are some facts I snatched from http://www.threelittleladiesrabbitry.com/rabbitfacts.php

The gestation period for a rabbit averages 31 days.
A rabbits teeth never stop growing. (All 28 of them?)
Rabbits can purr similar to a cat.
Rabbits cannot vomit (fyi, neither can mice- just thought I would add that.)
Rabbit meat is lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than chicken, pork and beef. (yum?)
Rabbit meat is all white meat.
Rabbits can suffer heat stroke as they only sweat from the pads of their feet.

❤ A ❤


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